About the Henning Cultural Center

Rev. John T. Henning moved to the Sulphur area in 1867 and organized the Methodist Society at Rose Bluff, six miles south of Sulphur. He served as circuit pastor in Westlake and Sulphur and at the Sulphur Mines.
In 1903 he purchased part of an eighty-acre rice and cattle farm. Rev. Henning built the home in 1904 and lived there until 1923.  The Henning family owned the home until January 1942, when it was sold to Mr. J.D. Brack.  Mr. Brack was an employee of the Union Sulphur Company and a local businessman.  His family owned the home until it was sold to Sulphur Parks and Recreation in 2002.
Sulphur Parks and Recreation purchased the property in 2002, and was opened to the public after renovations in 2004. It now houses traveling exhibits and local artists throughout the year.
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