Remembering the Brimstone Museum

The Brimstone Museum, as it was, is Permanently Closed
Due to catastrophic damage from Hurricanes Laura and Delta, the Brimstone Museum and O Gauge Model Railroad Exhibit were salvaged as best we could, but ultimately succumbed to irreparable damage and had to be demolished.
Please feel free to visit the Henning Cultural Center to learn about Hurricane Laura and how it affected our community. The Brimstone Museum staff works full time to host art shows, exhibits and programming at the Henning Cultural Center.

In our efforts to continue our mission to bring programming, history, art, & culture to Southwest Louisiana, The Brimstone Historical Society is hard at work planning the next chapter in our organization's future.

Please follow us on Facebook and check back for announcements on what the future holds, as we remember our past.

The Southwest Louisiana O Gauge Model Railroad Club Exhibit

What's next for the Brimstone Historical Society?


Please stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we make plans to unveil the next step in our history.